JJCC015 Beading Needles from John James

Total needles: 10

Envelope contents:
Beading size 10 x 5 needles – 55mm length x 0.46mm diameter
Beading size 11 x 2 needles – 51mm length x 0.41mm diameter
Beading size 12 x 3 needles – 51mm length x 0.36mm diameter



This is a new combination of beading needles and includes a size 11 and contains twice as many needles as a standard pack of beading needles.

The wallet is aimed at the crafter who enjoys creating exquisite jewellery using thread to sew and join together hundreds of tiny seed beads to create fabulous pieces of woven jewellery.

The beading needles have a degree of flexibility which ensures the ease of threading the bead onto the needle and assists the crafter to continue adding beads and changing direction of their work.


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