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Easter Week in a Quilting Shop

Mary Norman

April 8, 2023

Hello and welcome to Patchwork Dreamer

I am going to try and write a little blog each week on a Saturday all about my patchwork life in retail. Maybe we will do a sew along later if you have any ideas let me know, but for now a little chatter. The week started on Sunday with stock take, not my favourite thing to do but needs must. Most everything I do is as a one woman band but for stock take a friend helps me out, this is her second year and I ply her with biscuits and tea. We got through the day with me moaning and Sue ignoring me moaning! All the paperwork is done now and a new financial year is upon me.

On Monday I have a sit and stitch morning and Liz has been working on a Quilt for Care Leavers quilt. Only another six rows to go!

This week the amazing Lewis and Irene Ombre fabric arrived, that put a smile on my face. They are such lovely colours this photo really does not show them at their best you need to have a look individually. I made a little video showing each fabric and then fought and lost with face ache to get a caption on the video!

A collection of Ombres quilting fabrics from Lewis and Irene UK

I had a second fight with face ache when I tried to get images up for the new bag making class that Jenny from Crafty Like a Fox is doing for us. I guess you now know I have an almost daily fight with tech 🙂

Later in the week a new digital catalogue arrived and I just had to order take a look at this Cosmos collection by Timeless Treasures not here until the end of December, I will be waiting impatiently.

Finally this morning was student pouches using a Janet Claire pattern and this afternoon a student brought in the cat we started earlier in the week taken from the Farm Girl Vintage 2 book By Lori Holt.

I have not stitched a stich this week with one thing and another so I plan on putting that right next week.

Happy sewing all



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  1. Lovely to hear what you’ve been up to! I used to work in haberdashery and remember stock taking button cards and embroidery skeins- Bain of my life 🤣!

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