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Stained Glass Applique Class No photograph!

Mary Norman

April 23, 2023

Welcome back to another week at Patchwork Dreamer. I am not quite at the point of taking photo’s of everything that happens in the cabin and for this blog to be interesting I really should! Do you take pictures of all your work and document it? I am a little of the opinion that I would rather enjoy and be part of the moment rather than be pushing my phone into it! However when I say three ladies did the stained glass applique fish workshop on Friday and produced three very beautiful pieces of work it is not nearly so interesting as showing you pictures so you can see for yourself.

Two students have sent me pictures of the quilts they have put together after we made all the units and don’t they look fabulous? These are from the Lady’s Scrap Basket quilt pattern by Bit’s and Pieces pattern company. We have chatted quite a bit about the borders and I think will be trying out different fabrics this week. Yes we know there are two things that need to change on quilt two, isn’t it funny you don’t see these things until you take a picture.

Lynn's  Lady's Scrap Basket quilt pattern by Bit's and Pieces pattern company.
Julie's  Lady's Scrap Basket quilt pattern by Bit's and Pieces pattern company.

Another block from from Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage 2 book was completed this week. Quite quick and very satisfying meet Penny Pig. A little embroidery is needed, we are going to look at that this week.

One student this week brought in a work in progress. This is all hand pieced foundation on calico and there will be 36, we could not resist a little play with patterns. It’s going to be a stunner.

I have had a restock of Lori Holt books. The Scrappiness is Happiness book is very popular, I think I have the best price. New in this week are patterns by Pen and Paper Patterns my favourite is the Sparrow one. Only one left so I am going to have to get more of that one in.

Patterns from Pen and Paper.

And finally a visit from the Lewis and Irene Rep, this is always fun….. Here is a sneek peak of a collection coming in later this year.

Winter Botanical by Lewis and Irene
Five fabrics from Winter Botanical by Lewis and Irene
Another five fabrics from Winter Botanical by Lewis and Irene
The final five fabrics from Winter Botanical by Lewis and Irene

As always from Lewis and Irene they are just beautiful. I think that is it from me this week.

This blog was done with two lap tops as mine decided that a lot of the keys were not going to work but the pictures were on it and it was happy to share those with you! So typing was done on my husbands laptop with the pictures put in with mine. What they don’t tell you about running a fabric shop is you have to have a little (lot) technical know how about these things, I don’t but bumble through usually with a lot of muttering and moaning.

If you have time it’s lovely to get comments.

Happy Sewing, I am off to have a cider now to ease my nerves from the whole two computer thing.



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  1. Great to see what students have/are making. Might have to consult the diary and book a class! Thank you Mary

  2. Love the Christmas fabrics, but it’s scary thinking about Christmas yet!
    Thanks for support with quilt tops. All put right now and started with the borders and backing fabrics
    Love the cabin for so many reasons Xx

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