Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine

Getting to know your sewing machine

Have you got a new sewing machine or one tucked away that you have had for years?  Are you unsure how to use it?  This is the class for you.  We will sit, just you and I, and press all the buttons and play with all of the feet.  We are not going to produce anything apart from the knowledge and confidence  of how to use your machine.  There is no pressure but there is a lot of chat and a few giggles.  This class is as long or short as you need.  I will book out a morning or afternoon but if you only need an hour that is fine, I will only charge you for the time we spend together.



Learn to use all the feet and know what all the buttons and dials do on your sewing machine.  You can make amazing things once you know how the machine works.

I charge £10 an hour for this class.

A non refundable £10 deposit is required on booking

Patchwork Dreamer at Stable Art by The Chapel Fletchersbridge Bodmin Cornwall PL30 4AN contact me if you would like to book  07460313777


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