JJCC019 General Needles from John James

Total needles: 18

Envelope contents:
Embroidery size 3 x 9 needles
Self Thread size 4 x 5 needles + Short Darner size 5 x 4 needles



A fabulous combination of large eye hand sewing needles and a must have for all who struggle and spend longer trying to thread the needle than actually the time spent doing the repair or sewing the odd button on.

All these needles have one thing in common they are easy to thread but are not chunky needles, they are needles designed to use in the art of sewing and not “hedge stakes” Included in this wallet is a easy self threading needle which works by placing the thread horizontally over the slit at the top of the eye.

The thread is then pushed downwards into the eye and stays in position and this is called a calyx eye.


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