Premium Calico Natural Quilters Fabric

Premium Calico Natural Quilters Fabric. A super smooth top quality calico ideal for redwork and quilt backing. A natural slub runs through this fabric.



Premium Calico Natural Quilters Fabric

100% Cotton High Thread Count Cotton | 90in (230cm) Wide | Double & Rolled | Preshrunk | Machine Warm Wash | Price Half  Metre

Preshrunk, high thread count calico with a natural finish

Immerse yourself in the world of quilting perfection with our Premium Cotton Calico Natural Quilters Fabric, an extraordinary blend of craftsmanship and comfort. This fabric, boasting a substantial width of 90 inches, provides a vast and luxurious canvas for your quilting masterpieces.

Crafted from premium cotton, this Natural Quilters Fabric is not only generously sized but also thoughtfully preshrunk, ensuring that your creations maintain their integrity wash after wash. The preshrinking process minimizes post-wash shrinkage, allowing you to confidently embark on quilting projects without the worry of unexpected size changes.

With a high thread count, this fabric showcases a fine and tight weave, adding a touch of elegance and durability to your quilting endeavors. The calico  featuring a natural slub, lends a timeless aesthetic to your creations, creating a canvas that is both visually captivating and versatile.

Designed for quilters who demand the utmost in quality, this fabric combines a wide 90-inch expanse with the practicality of preshrinking, offering a seamless experience for both seasoned quilters and those just beginning their creative journey. The natural finish enhances the fabrics’ tactile appeal, providing a soft and smooth touch against your skin.

Transform your quilting projects into enduring works of art with our Premium Cotton Calico Natural Quilters Fabric. From its generous width to its preshrunk convenience and high thread count, this fabric is the epitome of excellence, inviting you to explore your creativity with confidence and style.


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