Schmetz Sewing Needle Embroidery 90/14

Schmetz Machine Sewing Needle Embroidery 90/14

Pack of 5 needles



The Embroidery Needle makes embroidery on the sewing machine child’s play: The needle has a larger needle eye for thicker yarns, special effect or metallic embroidery yarns (with a round cross section). Thanks to the light ball point, damage to the (already sewn) embroidery yarn and the base fabric is avoided. The larger eye and the wider thread groove make it easier to feed in the thread, with low friction levels. This effectively prevents thread breakage.


  • Use the Embroidery Needle to sew decorative stitches with household sewing machines.
  • Use embroidery or effect yarns for embroidery using a decorative technique.
  • You can also use the Embroidery Needle on embroidery machines.
  • Coating


Special features

  • Extremely wide eye
  • Wider thread groove

Point shape
Light ball point

Color marking


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