Quilting Stencils And Marking Tools. How To Use Them

Quilt stencils, water soluble pen, masking tape and quilt

Quilting can be completed by hand sewing, using a walking foot on a domestic sewing machine, free motion quilting on a domestic sewing machine or by using a long arm machine with a special frame. How you quilt is personal to you and the equipment you have. In this blog we will look at how […]

Quilting Tips and Tricks: Mastering the Art of Patchwork


Quilting Tips and Tricks: Mastering the Art of Patchwork Do not get caught up in perfection with every quilt you make. Over time and with practice your quilts will get better. Instead enjoy the process, learn from it and try different ways and see what sits best for you. Quilting always has something new to […]

Why and How Should We Label Our Quilts?


Labelling our quilts is an important part of the process here’s why. I need to start this blog with my hands in the air. I know the whys and where fors of labelling a quilt but I struggle to practice what I preach. I am hoping by writing this blog it will not only encourage […]

Selecting Fabric For Patchwork and Quilting

Shelves of cotton quilting fabric UK

Fabric Selection Tips for Patchwork and Quilting Success When it comes to patchwork and quilting, fabric selection is a pivotal step that can make or break your project. The right choice of fabrics can enhance the visual appeal and longevity of your quilt, while poor choices may lead to frustration and disappointment. In this blog […]

Preparing For A Block Of The Month Program

Prep for a BOM

Welcome back. I skipped a week as I was only open for two days last week as a result of the coronation, my husband’s birthday and bank holidays. Anyway enough of my excuses lets get on. These are student works which I think are looking lovely. The first is from last week and the second […]

Sewing Is My Therapy

Patchwork blocks to make a quilted jacket

Welcome back to another week at Patchwork Dreamer. I think a lot of us use sewing as a form of thinking time or not thinking time. The joy of making something or overcoming a tricky technique takes your mind away from things that are troubling you, makes you step away and often puts things into […]

Stained Glass Applique Class No photograph!

Welcome back to another week at Patchwork Dreamer. I am not quite at the point of taking photo’s of everything that happens in the cabin and for this blog to be interesting I really should! Do you take pictures of all your work and document it? I am a little of the opinion that I […]

The Second Easter Week In A Quilt Shop

Hand quilting in the UK

Welcome back to Patchwork Dreamer. Well the week might have been short but a lot has happened in this little cabin. Fabrics have arrived (always a good day) first up is Cleo from Timeless Treasure a rich and opulent collection using textures from the artist Gustav Klimt. Next fabrics for the Block of the month […]

Easter Week in a Quilting Shop

Hello and welcome to Patchwork Dreamer I am going to try and write a little blog each week on a Saturday all about my patchwork life in retail. Maybe we will do a sew along later if you have any ideas let me know, but for now a little chatter. The week started on Sunday […]